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Advanced Color Scheme post and replies

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Advanced Color Scheme - Jul 15, 2013 at 11:42AM
Julia Branke
11 Posts

Could anybody point me to an example using the Advanced Color Scheme for example for a Surface 3D or any other object.

I am curious, what it can do.

Thank you!

Replies to Advanced Color Scheme

Re: Advanced Color Scheme - Aug 10 2013 4:59AM
Francisco Esquembre
222 Posts


I am catching up on email.

Attached are two examples. The second one you need to run it to see the color levels.


Attached File:

Re: Re: Advanced Color Scheme - Aug 13 2013 10:17AM
Julia Branke
11 Posts

Oh I see now, how this is working, an example always helps.

I had the vague idea of pertubing a surface and colouring the pertubed bits according to the offset towards the original surface by attaching a level the every point of the surface and thought this feature migh help.

But maybe I have to just do two or three or four surfaces with different colours. I guess this is easier thought than done.

Thank you,


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