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Remote camera post and replies

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Augmented reality with remote cammera
Diego Racero
11 Posts

I'm working with the augmented reality module with directly connected cammera and everything went ok, but I just can't  figure out how to configure the remote module in order to place the cammera connected through wired LAN.
Could someone help me to find a solution?

Thanks in advance

Replies to Augmented reality with remote cammera

Re: Augmented reality with remote cammera -
Andres Mejias
1 Posts


you need an IP camera and, in the remore AR system (from the View 3D palette in EJS) , you must define the camera URL. For example, I use an Axis IP camera, and a valid URL could be:

(change it with your IP address and port if you have one)

The URL depends on camera model and brand. If you don't have an IP camera, you need an streaming server in order to use an USB or local camera as an IP camera. For example, videoLan (VLC) is a good choice. This option is more complicated, because you use a camera, a computer and the streaming server. With an IP camera, you just need to connect it to the wired LAN.


Andres Mejias

Re: Re: Augmented reality with remote cammera -
Diego Racero
11 Posts

Andres, thank you for your help.

I haven't got an IP cammera, I'm was trying to use VLC, but a founf a problem because I don't know what codec I may use in order to get the image displayed.

Have you got any adavice.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Re: Re: Augmented reality with remote cammera -
Diego Racero
11 Posts

Finally we've gotten  EJS working with VLC as stream server.
The protocol that you must choose is HTTP and the encapsulation MJPEG, avoid the audio codec to assure only video streaming.

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