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Videos won't load
Geoff Phillips
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I have tried both the java file and the windows installer version of Tracker 4.7, and when I try to load a video (I've tried .mov and .avi), e.g. by dragging the video to the Tracker workspace, the load dialog stalls at 20%. I have had to go back to version 4.0, which works fine (instant loading of video, as opposed to time consuming load even to get to 20% in version 4.7).
I am running Windows 7 64 bit professional on a school laptop.

Replies to Videos won't load

Re: Videos won't load -
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Are you experiencing the same problem when you use the Tracker DL Browser to download video files from the internet or if you use File|Open from the menu bar?

The problem may be the codec that was used to create the video.  *.mov files seem to be the most problematic.  Converting the video clip to another file type usually solves the problem.  I recommend the *.wmv format when using Xuggle.  Although this is a Windows media format, Xuggle reads the format on Mac and Linux operating systems without difficulty.

Please open the Help|Diagnostics|Message Log and see there are any errors when you open a problematic video.  Report errors (if any) directly to Doug Brown so that we can identify the problem.

Re: Videos won't load -
Douglas Brown Avatar
Douglas Brown
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This problem was fixed by uninstalling Tracker and reinstalling version 4.71 from scratch :-)  Doug

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