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Data Output post and replies

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Data Output - Jun 25, 2012 at 11:35AM
Tom Dooling
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How can I write out data from a simulation to another file? It used to be I could copy and paste from a data table, but that does not seem to be possible now. Do I need custom java code to create and write to a file?

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Re: Data Output - Jun 25 2012 12:12PM
Francisco Esquembre
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There are reading model elements, particularly for text files. To WRITE a file, you have to use plain Java.

Attached is an example of such a possible code that opens a text file and writes data to it as it gets generated. Don't forget to close the file before quitting the simulation. Study the code and you will quickly see how it works and be able to adapt it to your needs.


PS: We have done nothing to the data table that prevents it from copying and pasting. Please send me  ( the example and I will have a close look at it.

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Re: Re: Data Output - Jun 25 2012 12:40PM
Tom Dooling
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Hi Paco,


Your code was very easy to incorporate into my own simulation.
It works and I'm writing out my data files with no issues.

Thanks again for such a quick response!

Tom Dooling

Re: Re: Re: Data Output - Jun 25 2012 12:44PM
Francisco Esquembre
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You are welcome.

Around the world in a few seconds! :-)


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