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camera suggestions? post and replies

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What cameras do you recommend?
Scott Seagroves
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It might be nice to hear about what features/specs have turned out to be important in people's video tracker analysis experiences.

Is there a best bang-for-the-buck or sweet spot camera?

Is there a best if-money-is-no-object camera?

Does it not matter?

Replies to What cameras do you recommend?

Re: What cameras do you recommend? -
146 Posts

A good mid-range camera that can shoot high speed video (up to 1000 fps) is the Casio Exilim EX zr100.  100 fps is perfect for most kinematics experiments.  Wolfgang

Re: What cameras do you recommend? -
Douglas Brown Avatar
Douglas Brown
339 Posts

Watch out for some new cameras that have CMOS sensors instead of CCD. These often (always??) use "rolling shutters" that have exposure time delays between the top and bottom of the video frames. This results in LARGE errors in measured vertical velocities and accelerations. Unfortunately, more and more inexpensive camcorders are using CMOS.

The Flip camera is an example. The Cabrillo College Physics department purchased several of these and we were initially baffled at the poor results when measuring g until we determined the cause. John Welch, our lab tech, subsequently did a fair bit of research on this and expects to publish an article on it soon in TPT. We can still use the cameras, but now turn them sideways for the freefall videos.

For more info, Google "CMOS rolling shutter".


Re: Re: What cameras do you recommend? -
lookang Avatar
222 Posts

wow! thanks!

i am looking at

my option and analysis suggests:
1. http://www.exilim.eu/euro/exilimzrserie/exzr1000/ (based on prof wolfgang's earlier post i think this could be the better camera comapred to exzr100.
2. http://www.exilim.eu/euro/exilimzrserie/exzr400/ a cheaper option to exzr1000
another alternative is you are not a casio fan.

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