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Tracker on OSX Lion post and replies

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How to enable the QuickTime video engine on OSX
Douglas Brown Avatar
Douglas Brown
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Hi All. Some Xuggle issues have been reported recently on OSX (Snow Leopard and Lion) which we hope to fix in the upcoming release of Tracker 4.7. In the meantime here is a suggestion if you are having problems: switch back temporarily to QuickTime.

QuickTime is still fully functional on OSX as long as you run Tracker in a 32-bit Java VM. If your videos are in a QuickTime format (.mov, .mp4, .avi) then switching to 32-bits is an easy fix.

To switch to 32-bits, double-click Java Preferences in the Applications/Utilities folder. In the General tab, drag the 32-bit VM to the top position in the list and be sure it is checked ("On"). You may have to restart or log back in for your changes to take effect.

In Tracker itself, I recommend leaving the Java Virtual Machine blank in the preferences dialog (Edit|Preferences..., Runtime tab). This lets the Java Preferences take effect.

When you run Tracker, you can find the bitness of the Java VM on the first line in the About Java dialog (Help|About Java...).

Hope this helps :-) Doug

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