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Tracker 4.62 File Opening Bug post and replies

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File opening bug
Miguel Amaral
1 Posts

I don't know if it is my Mac's problem, but opening files through the 'Open file..' dialog in Tracker causes it to freeze on the loading dialog box most of the times; and also, I managed to open only 2 files on the same window (different tabs) but no more: after that number, it simply shows a blue orb, much like apple's lollypop, and the 'Open file..' button on the menu stays in a blue color, not refreshing.
If I use instead the 'Open URL...' setting it works fine, multiple tabs and everything.
I will specify the details soon, unless it is something too obvious.
It is difficult to get a print screen while the error is ocurring.

Replies to File opening bug

Re: File opening bug -
Douglas Brown Avatar
Douglas Brown
370 Posts

Hi Miguel. Thanks for reporting this bug. Could you please try to get more information about it as follows:

1. Open the Message Log (Help|Diagnostics|Message Log menu) and set the Level to ALL.
2. Check the "Log to File" item in the Message Log
3. Move the Message Log away from the Tracker window so you can see all of it while working in Tracker. Also, increase the vertical size of the Log window so you can see as many messages as possible.
4. Try to open a file that causes the freeze.

There should be some messages in the log and maybe it was able to write at least some of them to the log file before the freeze.  Please let me know what you get by emailing me directly at dobrown@cabrillo.edu.


Re: Re: File opening bug -
Daniel Daniel
1 Posts

I have started using the tracker on Mac OS X Lion and I've been having problems with opening movie files. There is clearly a bug on the system.

I found, however, that if you were to save the file that you are currently on before opening a new movie, the program will do so smoothly.

Re: File opening bug -
Douglas Brown Avatar
Douglas Brown
370 Posts

I believe this file-opening bug has been fixed in version 4.71. Please let me know if you still have problems. Thanks.

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