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Vista 64bit post and replies

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Java se stops woking
Gary Newhouse
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If I launch from jar, it runs but wont load movies (it has currect QuickTime and Xuggle)  launch from exe and it just hangs with gave se error and then shuts down when I clear the error.

Installed it on a 32 bit windows xp machine just right but it's a slow machine..

Replies to Java se stops woking

Re: Java se stops woking -
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Apple is no longer supporting QuickTime for Java and this has caused backward-compatibility problems for EJS and OSP models that use video clips.  We are currently working on incorporating the Xuggle-based video library into EJS.  Xuggle is avialable for 64 bit Apple and Unix operating system and 32 bit Windows operating systems.  Windows users will therefore need to run their Java progams in a 32 bit Java VM if they wish to use Xuggle.  The 32 bit Java VM runs on 64 bit Windows 7 and we have successfully run Xuggle-based programs in this configuration.

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