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OSP Eclipse workspace - February 28, 2012 at 2:34
Martin Jola
7 Posts

I'm a new user of OSP. I have some knowledge in Java and Eclipse. Therefore I downloaded the zip file from the OSP website, unpacked it and tried to use it in Eclipse. When I set the Eclipse workspace to the osp compadre eclipse workspace I get a lot of errors. Running the programms usually give a message main class not found or similar. My question is: how can I install the OSP eclipse workapsace thet it works?

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Re: OSP Eclipse workspace - March 02 2012 4:56
Martin Jola
7 Posts

According to your recommendations, I downloaded the zip file eclipse workspace, unpacked it. I created a projet hello and the source code helloworld. It run without any problems. Next step was to switch the default eclipse workspace to the eclipse compadre workspace as you told me. All the projects, source codes etc appeared in the package explorer. However for all the files there was an error message like"main class not found ...." althhough the *App.java programms contain the public static void main.... statement. How can I solve the problem?

Re: Re: OSP Eclipse workspace - March 02 2012 6:06
141 Posts

I have downloaded and tested the Eclipse workspace that is current in ComPADRE using  Helios  and Indigo versions of Eclipse.

The Eclipse workspace is complete and all CSM examples can be compiled and run in this workspace.  It may be necessary to clean and refresh the workspace using the Project | Clean menu item.  You should also try to refresh file-list using the File | Refresh (F5) menu item after selecting the OSP project in the Package Explorer.

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