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EJS Updates post and replies

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120920 update for 4.3.7 - Sep 20, 2012 at 12:57PM
Francisco Esquembre
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EJS 4.3.7 release at 120920 includes some minor bug fixes.

It also features a color coding scheme for 3D bodies in the Simple3D implementation. See attached zip with example and image.

For Mac users, there is a new per-simulation option to display menu items using the top Mac bar, as in all mac os applications.

There is support for Moodle. That is to embed EJS simulations in a Moodle course, by using a specil plug-in. See moodle-mod_ejsapp at

There is also a new, kind of experimental, view element for augmented reality that I need to experiment and document a bit more.

There is a new, still growing family of hardware model elements to control hardware Phidgets. See

Though it was already in a few earlier releases, it also implements the possibility of running simulations in real time, by specifying a time variable that should be synchronized with the computer time. See the Evolution panel.

As much as I can remember, that is all!


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