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Apple QuickTime post and replies

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Do I need Apple QuickTime? - Jun 5, 2008 at 7:49AM
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Tracker will open some image types, such as gif and animated gif, without having Apple QuickTime installed.  QucikTime is needed to analyze video clips.

Replies to Do I need Apple QuickTime?

Re: Do I need Apple QuickTime? - Oct 27 2009 2:04PM
Bla Hans
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Hi Wolfgang I got some problems with Tracker on my Mac(Snow Leopard), I cant open .mov files, but I can open images. I reinstalled QuickTime, but nothing changed.

Re: Re: Do I need Apple QuickTime? - Nov 04 2009 2:41PM
Douglas Brown Avatar
Douglas Brown
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Here's the fix for Snow Leopard:

1. Open Java Preferences in the Applications/Utilities directory.
2. In the General tab, drag 32 bit Java to the top position (ie, above 64 bit Java) in both the Applets and Applications panes.

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