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Tracker version 6.0.3 released post and replies

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Tracker 6.0.3 now ready--a recommended update
Douglas Brown Avatar
Douglas Brown
339 Posts

Another new version, 6.0.3, is now available and recommended. It fixes some serious bugs in particle models and model builders (which I hope many of you use ;-)

Please continue to post questions and/or bug reports on this forum. Suggestions for new features too!


PS the latest version 5.2.3, identical to 6.0.3 except that it uses the older Xuggle 3.4 engine, will soon be ready for users of older (pre-2018 or so) Mac OSX.

Replies to Tracker 6.0.3 now ready--a recommended update

Re: Tracker 6.0.3 now ready--a recommended update -
Giancarlo Cavagna
6 Posts

i installed version 6.0.3 but when i start the program a window pops up saying it can't find the xuggle engine. I attach tracker_install.log

Version 5.1.5 installed works fine.

Can you help me?


Attached File: install-log.pdf

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