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Ctrl+Shift+Click vs. Tablets

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Plz fix the ui of the web/online version
Andreas Reiser
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Today, i nearly suceeded to use the online version on my ipad in class. After importing the video, i tried to mark the moving mass point. But the interface still insisted on an "ctrl+shift+click" on my tablet, which is unusable in this Situation. No Keyboard popped up, and this combination is nothing good for virtual keyboards. To trigger the mass point selection, couldnt you provide an additional button or sth like that?
Plz change this quick. My collegue confirmed this behaviour on his surface, too.

Furthermore the whole ui layout is nearly unusable since buttons are to small.

Can i hope for changes here soon?

Thx a lot,

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Re: Plz fix the ui of the...   (Douglas Brown - )
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