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Linux support

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Will the Linux support be kept?
Mauricio Reis
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Hi there Doug and colleagues,

I've been using Tracking since 2014 if I remember well and it has been of great value in my lessons. Recently, I came to visit the website and found the Linux links has been withdrawn. I also see a small notice for 'Developers' where is included a session named: Beta Tracker installers: linux64. I would like to know what is the current state of the arts regarding Tracker for Linux. I know (or at least hope) the .jar is to be used as main installation for Linux machine, but I guess the support for the project in a specific plataform goes beyong simply having an installer for it. Also, I have a limited user experience with Linux, but if I can improve or help the project to be supported in anyway I ask you to give me more info.

Thanks for your attention and for the Tracker program.

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