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Tracker on Apple M1

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Running Tracker 5.1.5 on Apple M1
Lucia Gabelli
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Hello, I switched to an M1 Macbook Air and I am having troubles running Tracker. Often, loading videos, it gets stuck and sometimes the whole computer is stuck. I can see that Tracker uses the CPU 100%.

Does anyone know if:
* there is a roadmap to support Apple Silicon?
* there is a way to run Tracker using an ARM Java VM? My own response is no, since the Xuggler native libraries are x64 and cannot be linked from an ARM JVM.

It seems to me that installing an external x64 JMV and removing the Plugins directory on the Tracker.app bundle Tracker runs well with:

XUGGLE_HOME=/Applications/Tracker.app/Contents/Xuggle java -Djava.library.path=/Applications/Tracker.app/Contents/Xuggle/lib -Xms32m -Xmx256m -Xdock:name=Tracker -jar /Applications/Tracker.app/Contents/Java/tracker-5.1.5.jar


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