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Opening audios according to a specific frequency

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Opening audios according to a specific frequency [EJS]
Léo Santos
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Hello. I would like to know if it is possible to play different audios for a specific frequency.

For example, my program calculates a certain frequency, I turn it into "int". When I have that frequency, I want the program to open an audio with the same name as that frequency.
I have 1000 audios, named "50.wav", "76.wav" and "143.wav" for example.
I created a variable called "arquivonome" of type String with the value "./50.wav/" to call the audio file.

In the audio element, in the Audio File field I write %arquivonome%, however, the element does not search for my file.

I have already tested when the initial value of "arquivonome" is "./50.wav" and "./76.wav/" and it seeks audios in both situations, but only so. The program does not search for the audio file if I change the value of "arquivonome"

Prints of some windows to help the understanding.


Thanks in advance for any help :)

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