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How to adjust slow motion time stamps

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How to adjust frame time stamp?
James Linzel
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I'm sorry if the answer to this issue is in another post. I couldn't seem to find any related thread.

In the analysis of a typical ball drop, the frame rate is slow enough that the objects become fuzzy and the uncertainty due to the gap in frames seems to add larger errors than I like.

I would have thought typical movie speeds would be fast enough but maybe there is something I don't understand.

When I upload slow motion videos of a higher frame rate, tracker is assigning time vales according to the length of the clip rather than the frame rate time.

Is this able to be adjusted? I am hoping that increasing the frame rate, with a proper time assgined, will reduce the errors due to the tracking process.

I hope I have been clear about what I am trying to do and hope someone has some method of improving / reducing the time gaps.

Thank you

James Linzel
Shanghai American School

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