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In Autotracker how do I suggest a new target?

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In Autotracker how do I suggest a new target?
Lev Yampolsky
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We are trying to trace swimming of animals using Autotracker in Tracker. Out problem is that occasionally Autotracker discovers a reflection of the animal in the glass wall of the container and switches to it. (Later on the animal moves away from the wall, the reflection disappears and Autotracker gets lost). Fortunately, it usually does stop and ask for Accept or Skip when it considers switching to the reflection (showing the newly found match circled by a dotted line). At this point we would like to be able to manually show it the correct target, so that it can continue with it. I understand that this can be done by shift-control, but if the object has not moved much in the last few frames it is completely covered with the footprints and I cannot see where to click to create the new template.
How do we do this?


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