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Examples on how to make 3D Simulation

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3D Simulations
Navoneel Karmakar
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I am currently learning how to use the EjsS (high schooler). I am quite comfortable with Java but, now I am having problem and doubts with the HTML View.
I want to create simulations for the Celestrial sphere and Orbits in 3D.

It will be very helpful is someone can provide how to Create a 3D sphere that can be rotated in all the three axis and how to *embed stars in the sphere* and *how to link up variables with the elements in the HTML View*. Any example will help, since I am trying to learn from them.

I have looked up some the EJS source codes, like for the celestial globe model  by Todd Timberlake : https://www.compadre.org/osp/items/detail.cfm?ID=9379

But these don't have the HTML View in them, the thing that I am trying to learn about.

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