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Point mass between two tracked points?

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Point mass between two tracked points?
Mikkel Roald
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I am tracking a leg during walking, and in doing so only the joints are tracked (ankle, knee, hip).
Now, I need to get the center of mass for the two segments (shin and thigh). I have tried to use multiple center of masses (CoM), but two problems arise:

1) I can't subsequently compute a CoM based on the previous CoM's and
2) the masses are located at the extremities, but should rather be located at the center of each segment (this is the standard for this type of modelling).

So I wonder if there's a way I can solve this, or if it could be an option to be able to create a point mass between two tracked point masses - then the mass of the tracked points can be put at a minimal value and the actual mass attached to the new - in-between - point mass?
It's a feature I would love to see, which I think would be immensely helpful to anyone tracking multiple linked segments!

Thanks again for your great work, and look forward to a reply.

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