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Problem Uploading video post and replies

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MP4 vs MOV files and total file size
Jack Orford
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In my experience whilst using Tracker (Version 5.1.5) I have found that I am able to drag and drop MOV files in, but the exact same video in MP4 format will not work and comes up with the error message I attached as a screenshot.
For people who are facing the same problem I use the free app 'Any video converter lite' to convert my files (this is on a Mac).

My questions are:

1) Do MP4 files just not work in tracker? Or am I missing something that will allow me to skip the conversion step. I ask this because the videos I shoot are at 100 frames per second. Converting them reduces them to 30 frames per second, which is an issue.

2) Is there a max file size for tracker?
I ask this because I have a video split into 4 seperate MOV files (~1GB each) that all upload okay when done individually. However, I would obviously prefer to analyse this video as one large video, however when I combine the files (file size ~4GB), and then try to upload it into tracker I then get the same error message as the one I have attached. The only difference I can see between the individual videos and the combined video is the larger file size.


Attached File: ScreenShot20200831at2.29.54pm.png

Replies to MP4 vs MOV files and total file size

Re: MP4 vs MOV files and total file size -
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MP4 files created with a h.264 codec should work in Tracker (including dragging and dropping the video into Tracker) but your file may be too large or the MP4 have been created with a non-standard codec.

If you have a video clip that is not loading in Tracker, try converting it into another format using an online tool, such as Cloud Converter.


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