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Tracker makes laptop freeze

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Tracker makes laptop freeze
Laët Vib
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Sorry, I wrote a new thread, as it seems that no one encountered this problem...

I installed Tracker one week ago on my laptop (Asus Tuf gaming, Windows 10, 64 bit) Since I'm using it, my laptop keeps freezing: I cannot do anything, but applications like music continue to run, and I can for example still change the light of the screen.

If I do nothing, it comes back after approx. 10 minutes, but if I try escape, or ctrl+alt+del, it just never ends, and I have to force kill the machine. When it comes back, it freezes again after 2 minutes It is so frustrating, and of course I cannot work anymore, as it continues to keep freezing even if I shut Tracker down. I had to uninstall it  and restart my laptop to stop.

Has anyone a piece of advice, or did someone had the same problem?
Thank you so much for any help

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Re: Tracker makes laptop ...   (Laët Vib - )
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