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Cleon Teunissen
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EJS has pre-written actions, the most frequently used are _play(), _pause(), _step(), and _reset().

In many of my EJS simulations I add a button 'Clear Traces', which on clicking invokes the action _view.resetTraces()

As far as I can tell, there is no 'resetTraces' in EJsS.

I have created a combination of two screenshots. See the attached image, EJsS_EJS_actions.png

The left column is all of the pre-written actions that are available in the EJsS environment, the column on the right is the list of pre-written actions available in the EJS environment.

Is the absence of a pre-written clearTraces() action intentional, or is it a regression that at some point in the future will be corrected?

Cleon Teunissen

Attached File: EJsS_EJS_actions.png

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