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Line Profile Time Scale

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Is a time average or time scale possible with the line profile tool?
Robert Green
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Hey there; I've been using Tracker for a research project in which I'm trying to track the oscillations of a liquid bead using a high speed camera. For this project, we have been using the point mass track to measure the height amplitude of the top of the bead. However, I've recently come to the conclusion that our oscillations are too small to be measured accurately in this way, but they are visible. I tried to pursue the line profile track to measure the amount of the black of the bead above a certain point, as this would provide an acceptable measure of the amplitude. To my dismay, I've found that there is no system readily available for tracking any part of the line profile over time (at the exception of perhaps copying all the data frame by frame for all 5000+ frames in our video into a spreadsheet, which would be time consuming, to say the least)

So my question is, is there any solution I might employ to create this time average a little faster using the line profile?

Attached is a still image of our bead, for context.

Attached File: 250HzAlumina781.jpg

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