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Fixed Line Position Tracking

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Software To Analyze A Digital Line Made From Photograph of Tracker Markers - October 15, 2018 at 3:55
john petrie
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looking for software to analyze curvature and relative positions in a fixed line in a digital photograph.

objective is to measure the change in curvature along a digital line that changes. the line would be created by digitally connecting tracker markers placed along the spine of an individual. the markers would be physically placed upon each vertebrae along the spine from c1 to the sacrum. additional markers placed at various locations on the pelvis for separate analysis.

as the person's body assumes a different position according to the shape of the furniture lying down upon, a different digital photograph is made for additional analysis. exposure would be taken when the person is lateral decubitus, that is lying down upon a side with back, and tracker markers, exposed to the camera.

might the Tracker software be appropriate for this use?   thank you

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