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Advice please?: AnalyticCurve variables

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Advice please?: AnalyticCurve variables
Mark Brand
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Hi everybody. I'm trying to plot a 4-point bezier curve with moveable control-points on a DrawingPanel using AnalyticCurve.  All is well as long as my FunctionX and FunctionY are in terms only of t and literals, but I am not able to employ any model variables (which would be tracking the control points I wish to manipulate).  I've tried to employ custom functions instead, but that doesn't work for me either (EjsS_5.3_180211).

Please: can anybody advise on an appropriate approach to the above problem?  I've thought that a custom element might hold the answer, but I'm not able to figure out how to implement that either.  Any pointers to source code dealing with similar issues would be equally welcome.  Thank you sincerely in anticipation.

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