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Tracker files not loading properly

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Tracker files not loading
Lily Smith
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Just installed tracker, on windows 10

Seems to be working well.  I have about 20 videos.  Each video contains at least 5 firings of a nerf dart.  I am analysing projectile motion.

When i have created a point mass for each firing, and made the tracks, i save the tab as a trk file.

I just reload some files because i wanted to change the number of significant figures i copied into excel (more on that in a moment)

When the file loads the video load OK but no point masses or tracks load.  If i go to the track menu only new is available.  All the data that took me about 16 hours to process seems to be gone!

I have had a look at the trk files with a text editor.  There is stuff there.  Not sure what is happoening

1 other question

when i copied data from tracker to open office if i use full precision it puts a ' before each entry, making the spreadshett read it as text.  If i use "as formatted"it seems to work


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