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Is the minimum version of Java required for EJS 5.2 Java 8?

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Is the minimum version of Java required for EJS 5.2 Java 8?
Cleon Teunissen
27 Posts

As mentioned in an earlier message I recently returned to EJS editing after a long hiatus. At first I used the Java and EJS versions I had still sitting around: JRE 7u41 and EJS 5.0_140730
(On my system Java is used for EJS only, and very early on I had kicked Java out of my browsers; my copy of JRE 7 was not in any way internet-facing, so I didn't bother with updates.)

When I had downloaded EJS 5.2_161123 it did not start at all. Nothing at all happened.

To check whether it was a Java version issue I downloaded the latest JRE: JRE 8u121. I uninstalled the existing Java installation, installed the latest, and this time EJS 5.2_161123 started normally.

Hence my question, does EJS 5.2 require at least Java 8?

(What I forgot to do is to look for some Java log that might have an entry at the point where I tried to start EJS 5.2 with JRE 7. Paco, if you want I can re-install JRE 7, and then try to see if any log entry is made.)


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