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Tracker 4.95 released

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Tracker 4.95 now available
Douglas Brown Avatar
Douglas Brown
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Hi Tracker users,

Tracker 4.95 installers for Windows, Mac and Linux are now available from both the Tracker home page (http://physlets.org/tracker/) and ComPADRE (http://www.opensourcephysics.org/items/detail.cfm?ID=7365).

You can now easily adjust the font and icon sizes for different screen resolutions. Look for the "font up" and "font down" buttons near the right end of the toolbar.

A reminder that if you haven't yet looked at the Tracker Video Modeling with Spreadsheets tutorial, I strongly recommend it (http://www.opensourcephysics.org/items/detail.cfm?ID=14056).  Here's why:

  • Got a spreadsheet model you want to compare with the real world? This is how you do it!
  • Use other modeling programs but still want to compare with the real world? No problem as long as you can copy your model's position data to the clipboard.

Cheers!  Doug


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