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3D transformation to create Nets of a Rectangular Based Pyramid

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3D transformation to create Nets of a Rectangular Based Pyramid
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Dear Paco and Wolfgang, thank you for the wonderful EJSS modeling tool, i am beginning to create mathematics stuff.

thanks to EJSS, i can make cool 3D stuff for example http://iwant2study.org/ospsg/index.php/interactive-resources/mathematics/measurement-and-geometry/geometry/2-3d-shapes


but i am unable to figure out how to make a net 2 (see picture) follow the Pyramid as it unfolds into a flat plane. net 1 was successful completed.


can look and edit my source code directly to make it work?

anyone is of course welcome to help as well!

 thank you!


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Attached File: ejss_src_netsofprismwee.zip

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