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Problems reading EJS variable from Arduino.

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Problems reading EJS variable from Arduino.
Baltasar Sanchez
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Paco good afternoon. I'm working with EJS and Arduino. I can move a motor and control its speed. The difficulty I have with EJS attempting to read a value from an analog input. In the StandardFirmata he sent the information: "firmata.sendAnalog(analogPin, varPin); "
In EJS I use
arduino.setDigitalMode(5, 2);
valorRPM= arduino.readAnalog(5);
Try many modifications without success. It brings only the first value. It's like EJS is a buffer of information, I must reboot to run well. Is only the first reading works well, then do not update, repeat the same value. Please give me you prune a hand. Thank you very much. Greetings. Baltasar

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