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Tracker slows down after each frame post and replies

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Tracker slows down
Micha? Marszal
2 Posts

I am using tracker on a Linux machine with following parameres:

* Kernel 3.13.0-68-generic 64 bit

* Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_66-b17) 64 bit

I am processing a 60 s video recorded at 100 fps. I noticed that before 2000 frame tracker works smoothly, than in slows down dramatically. I have already assigned 7282 MB of memory to tracker, but I does not help. Is this a bug or a feature? ;)

Replies to Tracker slows down

Re: Tracker slows down -
Douglas Brown Avatar
Douglas Brown
375 Posts

There is no reason that I know of that Tracker should slow down after 2000 frames--it is certainly not designed into the program!  One thing that can speed things up is to turn off auto-refresh (refresh button is at far right end of toolbar), which prevents plots and tables from updating after every newly marked point.  You can manually refresh with the same button.

Re: Re: Tracker slows down -
Micha? Marszal
2 Posts

Thank you. Turning off auto refresh helps. However, I need auto refreshing in my work flow to observe tracking errors and correcting them manually just after they occur.  How about adding some buffer and updating plots every nth frame (e.g. n = 20)?

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