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change titles of ploattingPanel post and replies

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change panel of plottingPanel
John Val
13 Posts

Hi all,
I tried to change the axis titles in the javascript version with the instruction

_view.plottingPanel.setProperty("TitleY","new text")

in a custom function

But it does not work.
What should I do to make it work?


Replies to change panel of plottingPanel

Re: change panel of plottingPanel -
Francisco Esquembre
232 Posts

This works:


I just tested it. But make sure this sentence is called!

To test it, place it in an Initialization page.


Re: Re: change panel of plottingPanel -
John Val
13 Posts

Hi Paco,
Thanks a lot. So I was on the right track. What I did wrong is that I did set the title for the plottingPanel in the HTML view. It seems impossible to change the title afterwards.

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