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unserialize problem with boolean variables

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unserialize problem with boolean variables Ejss
John Val
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Dera all,

I tried to set boolean values with the function


function present in the simulation js file

This does not work since in this function does the following

    if(json.flag) flag = json.flag;

now if you set the value in the json string as "flag":false

this line reulst in not setting flag to false since json.flag is set to be false!!!

In the next version of EJS this should be rewritten to

    if(! (json.flag===null) ) flag = json.flag;

I now have written my own unserialize function for flags which you can put in you custom function which you should call before calling the _model._userUnserialize or model unserialize function in your javascript

model custo functions:

_model.unserializeFlags = function(json) {
    if(! (json.flag ===null )) flag= json.flag;

in your exernal script you than call



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