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can Tracker Models compensate for a moving reference frame ?

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can Tracker Models compensate for a moving reference frame ?
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i am using Tracker Models which are based on the fixed reference frame original at the beginning.

after i set a new track mass B as the new reference frame.

the models do not follow this new mass B as new reference frame, but instead continues to be based on the original fixed reference.

this is a problem for me unless i can call the x position of the new mass B into the model building interface, so that the model built can more closely matches that of the analysis data for mass A.

chance to suggest a work around or is it a "bug" in Tracker 4.88 and below?

see http://iwant2study.org/lookangejss/02_newtonianmechanics_2kinematics/trz/RVhimnokkinematics01.trz

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