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Troublestarting Launcher in Firefox/OpenSuse post and replies

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Trouble starting/running Launcher in Firefox/OpenSuse
Adam S.
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I am new to java and anything related to it.  I managed to install Eclipse Java and run sample code hello following clues from youtube.  However, when installing OSP zip files and other for the book 'introduction to computer simulation methods' by tobochnik, gould and christian, it took me an effort to find example codes from the book hidden in so many subfolders.  I just find out that the launcher is the java application itself designed to run other java programs.  However, launcher does not run when I click on launcher.html file.  Instead I get firefox site of it.  But launcher itself does not run.  It is found in workspace_compadre/osp_guide/xml/overview.
How do I run java application?
Any links to introduction on how to get started in all of this.?

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Re: Trouble starting/running Launcher in Firefox/OpenSuse -
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Java programming in Eclipse with the OSP libraries is quite different from Java programming with the EJS modeling tool.  When using Eclipse you need to code the user interface using Java objects and you need to code action listeners to respond to user interface events such as button clicks.  EJS does this "black magic" automatically when it transforms the XML representation of the View into Java code.  Eclipse programming is usually much more difficult than EJS programming.  There are many good Java programming using Eclipse books that can help you get started.

Please post Eclipse Java questions to the OSP Programming discussion forum.

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