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Tracker 4.87 beta

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new Tracker fixes Yosemite
Douglas Brown Avatar
Douglas Brown
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Hi all,

I've got a new beta Tracker installer that should fix the Yosemite issue :-) 

It always does a "full" install--there's no "upgrade" option even when Tracker is already installed. And you will see there is no "Xuggle" option either. This is because Tracker now includes its own "private" Xuggle automatically. On OSX, Xuggle runs in both the Oracle Java 7/8 JREs and Mac's own Java 6 JRE running in 64-bit mode (the default).

If you have Mac's own Java 6 JRE installed, then this new version should also restore the use of QuickTime even on Yosemite (but still only in 32-bit VM, available only with Java 6).

I have tested on my own Yosemite machine but I still need more testing. Could I ask the OSX users among you to download and run the installer from www.cabrillo.edu/~dbrown/tracker/installers/Tracker-4.87-osx-installer.zip and let me or the whole group know how the new version works for you?

I'd also like feedback from Windows and Linux users, of course! Here are the links for your beta installers:




A major change in this new version is that the installer no longer sets any global environment variables like TRACKER_HOME, etc. Instead, TrackerStarter defines the environment. This, along with the private Xuggle engine, should make Tracker much less susceptible to failure caused by security restrictions imposed by the OS or Java VM. (This is what broke it in Yosemite.) I have high hopes for this new version but it does need testing--thank you in advance to all of you!

best regards,


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