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Fine Structure Constant-Lamb Shift-Splitting

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Can EJS Simulate an Electron in an Electromagnetic Field - October 21, 2014 at 10:31
MuckrakerW M
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I have yet to see anyone come up with a nice simulation of an electron in an electromagnetic field either 2-d or 3-d. One where such properties as splitting occur, dipole moments, coupling and spin interactions exists. Furthermore where the four principle quantum numbers, n, l, ml, ms, and J=L+S or j=l+s are too examined. Would be neat to have such a simulation for further research on the behavior of the electron in a nonrelativistic environment. Moreover I would like to help if such a project got started.

If a simulator of this sort already exist and anyone knows where I can find it please let me know. However I would prefer it were made by EJS and I contributed. www.globalbabbler.com

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