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EJSS javascript coding

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Programming style, external libraries and so on
Juan Maria Fernandez
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Simple questions:

1) When programming in the new javascript of EJSS, the programming syntaxis (procedures, variables, etc) is javascript. I have no experience with that. Is very different from java coding? Where can we learn to program in javascript?

2) I do use external libraries in java for number crunching, Lapack, and complex libraries (the old FORTRAN libraries, ported to Java. I know that Apache Org numerical calculus libraries do exist, but I feel more comfortable with the old venerable Blas and Lapack). Is it possible to use these in EJSS? (I think not, but....)   If not, are there similar libraries for number crunching in EJSS-javascript?

To make clear the question: when solving a Hamiltonian for a well potential, I do use a big 200x200 square tridiagonal matrix. I need eigen-value and eigenstate routines. Can that be done using some javascript preexistent routines?

3) Could you address me to a book, or references, in javascript coding (better in Applied Physics or Computing Physics)

Thank you very much.

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