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EJS 4.x and 5.x not functioning after Java installation

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EJS not functioning after Java installation -The story
Juan Maria Fernandez
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My system is Windows 7 ultimate. I have java 7 32 bits installed. All other java programs I have run smoothly without problems. In cannot launch EJS 4.3.x nor EJS 5.x. The console starts, ask for the workspace, and then dissapears.

When launching by java -jar EjsConsole.jar, I get the same: quick start, and then the console dissapears. After some debugging last night, after launching EjsConsole in in the Windows 7 system terminal, I obtain an error message in the Windows terminal about RMI registring process, the error output says about not being able of connecting to mi computer private network ip

Last nignt went to sleep, and today I cannot reproduce the error. The process is the same: EjsConsole seems to start, and then quickly dissapears, but there is no error report in the Windows system terminal .

Curiously, I can work with EJS versions 3.x

It seems that the EJSConsole server cannot start properly, but not being a Java expert, I cannot be sure about this.


Any ideas? Could you help me, please?


The error message with EJS 5.0 is java.rmi.ConnectException: Conection refused to host:; nexted excetption is:  (and a lot a technical stuff here).



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