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Model Inconsistencies

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Uploaded Model
Emma Osborne
4 Posts

Hi Paco,

The file should be attached. The problem is worse for the Sun model.



Attached File: TheGravitationalLensingEffect.jar.zip

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Re: Uploaded Model   (Francisco Esquembre - )
Reset Button
Emma Osborne
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I have produced a model on the gravitational lensing effect based on the Schwarzschild universe. I am finding that the program is behaving differently each time I press the reset button,  and consequently I have to press it a few times before it resets to the conditional settings I have placed. This effects the photon's initial position and consequently the results produced by the ODE. Due to the inconsistent nature of this I believe the problem may be with EJS and not with my code (although I could be wrong!). I am also finding that sometimes the program works exactly as I have programmed it to and other times it is almost as if it has a mind of its own. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks!!


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Re: Reset Button   (Francisco Esquembre - )
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