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Help Getting Started

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Help Getting Started
gary adams
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I am trying to follow the instructions in the manual under Building a View to get started with EJS by constructing FunctionPlotter.  It seems as if this was supposed to work without defining variables; in fact the manual says "the variables have been autonomously created by the view".  But I found that I just got pink in the boxes for the variables in the View if I didn't define them in the Model first.  So, anyway, the output I get is just a straight line.  I then want to compare my resulting version of FunctionPlotter (which fails) with the one that is supposedly in _examples/Manual/View in the Simulations directory.  But I find that no such directory came with what I downloaded with EJS_4.3.7_140302.zip.  So I am a bit lost.  Any direction would be appreciated.  Thanks.   GBA

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