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Tracker quits while starting on Mac post and replies

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Tracker will not open
Paul Nickason
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Mac os 10.9.1, Java 7 update 51

Whenever I attempt to open Tracker I get the following message:

"There has been an error.
Java 1.6 or greater is required to install and run
Tracker. Java can be downloaded from http://
www.java.com/download The installer will now

Parental controls are on, but there is no request for a password.

Attached File: ScreenShot20140216at4.34.28PM.png

Replies to Tracker will not open

Re: Tracker will not open -
Douglas Brown Avatar
Douglas Brown
353 Posts

Hi Paul,

This is a bug in OSX--it doesn't report the existence of Java 1.7 to the installer unless the OS itself installs Java! Try installing Java from this page:  http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1572?viewlocale=en_US

I hope this helps :-)  Doug

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