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Velocity problem with the step size

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The size of the step change the value for velocity?
Ismael Lozano
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The tracker software is great, in our lab resulted very useful. I have a question regarding a problem with my data. I measure the speed of escape of fish larvae. I am following the fish with a mass point step by step. I noted that if i register the speed (v) with a step size of 1 the maximum speed of the fish is 25.5. But if a register the same sequence with a step size of 36 the maximum speed is 2.5. I use the same calibration stick. My question is: is the speed changing with the step size? am i doing something wrong? It supposed that the speed is the same. Thank you for your time. Congratulations for the software
P.d.: sorry for the english, i am a spanish speaker

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Re: The size of the step ...   (Douglas Brown - )
Thank you very much!   (Ismael Lozano - )
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