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Multimedia in Physics Teaching and Learning Meeting (Madrid, 11th-13th September)

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Call for papers
Luis de la Torre
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Dear all,

The International Conference on Multimedia in Physics Teaching and Learning provides an annual forum to exchange information and ideas about the use of multimedia in physics teaching and learning. MPTL'18 is the eighteenth in the series of these workshops.


You are all invited to participate in this event, either by just assiting or by presenting a work.

For those interested in presenting a work, the deadline for the abstract submission (not longer than 400 words) is June 30.

The registration site will open next week. You can already take a look at the low prices of this conference in http://mptl18.dia.uned.es/mptl18/registration.html

Please find attached the official call for papers.

PS. Maybe this is not the best forum to publish this advertising but it seems the most active one. If the moderators think this message would fit better in any other (such as "General Comments", for example), please move this thread.

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Attached File: MPTL18Callforpapers.pdf

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