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bug report on Equation EJS_4.3.7_130310 and EJS_4.3.6_120219

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bug report on Equation EJS_4.3.7_130310 and EJS_4.3.6_120219
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bug report on Equation EJS_4.3.7_130310 and EJS_4.3.6_120219.


hi professors,

it seems the equation is bugged.

i added the equation and the EJS cannot read the file correctly now.


this is the correct file without equations https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/44365627/lookangEJSworkspace/export/ejs_GFieldandPotential1Dv7EarthMoon.jar

this is the bug after adding equations



 the desired look of the simulation with latex equation is like this


version april 30 2013 http://weelookang.blogspot.sg/2010/08/ejs-open-source-gravitational-field_10.html 
picture of computer model of Earth and Moon gravity system,
added white backgroundoption for printing on lecture notes, fixed bug of g2 showing, latex (appears to be not working yet) for g and phi,menu for EarthMoon configuration instead of just MoonEarth previously
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/44365627/lookangEJSworkspace/export/ejs_GFieldandPotential1Dv8EarthMoon.jarauthor: lookang and andrew based on andrew duffy early model

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