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EJS_4.3.7_130310 Editors do not start

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EJS_4.3.7_130310 Editors do not start
Cleon Teunissen
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The editors do not start, and I get the following three lines in the 'Output' tab of the EJS console:

RMI registry started at port: 2008
EjsConsole server is ready to listen at port: 2008
The program selected is NOT running

My setup:
Windows 7 Professsional  32-bit
Java JRE 1.7 update 17

I have kept a number of previous versions of EJS, so that I can make comparisons.
EJS 4.3.7_121014 starts correctly, by the looks of it.
(The editor starts up. I have not verified whether the editor can actually open a file)

In the hope of finding out more I enabled logging in the following way: I opened the Java Control Panel, opened the last tab, Advanced, and I placed checkboxes at 'Enable tracing' and 'Enable logging'.

First I ran EJS 4.3.7_130310.  After a minute or so a log file appeared in Sun\Java\Deployment\log  6 lines or so, with no apparent connection with EJS (Only mention of JFX)

I disabled logging, saved a copy of the log, then enabled logging once again.
Then I ran EJS 4.3.7_121014 (the one that starts correctly) Likewise, after a minute or so a log file appeared. The content was identical to the one before.

My conclusion: nothing of EJS is logged by Java.

Since there is no log to give any clue I don't know how to proceed.
Are there other EJS users with the same setup (W7, JRE 1.7 update 17)?

I fired up another PC, one that still has the version of JRE from when I last used it. JRE 1.6 update 31.  In that JRE-1.6_31 environment I did not encounter problems; EJS 4.3.7_130310 started correctly.

The latest version of the 1.6 branch is 1.6 update 43.
Oracle has announced last february that the Java 1.6 branch will no longer receive security updates. So going back from JRE 1.7 to JRE 1.6 is not an option.

Post edited April 9, 2013 at 5:38 PM EST.

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