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Xuggle 3.4 <-> 5.4

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Xuggle 3.4 <-> 5.4
Foo Bar
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In the last two updates it is said that one should revert back to Xuggle 3.4. I did not, and kept Xuggle 5.4 and everything works perfectly fine as it always did.

Can someone please list all the known issues/bugs with 5.4 and which trouble they supposedly cause in Tracker?

I'm asking because it always feels strange to revert to a very old version (I mean, new versions are released because they fix bugs).

Will you in the future go "back" (forth) to a newer Xuggle again? I also read in the Xuggle Blog that the author stopped working on it a year ago. Will Tracker use another video framwork in the future?

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