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zoom in feature in DataRastar post and replies

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DataRastar Zoom in
long rang
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I would like to examine the pattern of scattered points in a graph, which are created from DataRastar in Plotting Panel. Now, suppose I have a graph of x-y, with 0<y<1 and 0<x<1. If, I am interested to see the scattering patterns of point in the region 0.2<x<0.3, 0.2<y<0.3, is there any setting I can adjust so that I can zoom in to examine the scattering pattern in the aforementioned area during simulation? Thanks. Hope my question is understandable.


And by the way, hope I posted in the correct section. New to this forum. Thanks.

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Re: DataRastar Zoom in -
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The Mandelbrot set model shows one way to zoom.  Wolfgang

Attached File: ejs_chaos_MandelbrotSet.zip

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