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issue with _view.addPoint() function

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issue with calling _view.addPoint
Nick Gross
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During my initialization, I would like to draw several curves in 3D that will be static during the evolution.  The curves do not have a functional form and I am drawing them using and update scheme. I set up a Trail3D object for each curve and explicitly calling _view.addPoint from a loop in my initialization. This worked fine in a previous release of EJS, but with the most recent update it fails.

With the current update, no error is generated and the code seems to run and the display window opens but it is all grey and nothing, not even the other objects, seem to be displayed.  Worse yet, it does not look like I can recreate this issue routinely.

Has anyone else seen this error?
Is there a better way to do what I want to do?

Thanks for the help

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